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Levy Library Research Discovery: Searching the Collection

Research Discovery: Scope Options

Levy Library Catalog This option, the default, searches the entire Levy Library collection. This includes electronic and physical holdings for books, journals, databases, articles, and archival materials. 

All Books This option searches all books within the Levy Library collection, print and electronic.

Journals This option searches all journals/periodicals within the Levy Library collection, which are all electronically available. For more information on Levy’s E-Journal collection, visit our Full-Text E-Journals page.

Print Books This option searches all print books within Levy Library’s collection. This includes titles in the book stacks, the reserve desk, and special topic collections.

E-books This option searches all electronically available books within Levy Library’s collection. For more information on Levy’s E-Book collection, visit our E-Books page.

Articles This option searches expands the search to locate articles- both within Levy’s collection and open access.

Archives This option searches the collection held by the Arthur H. Aufses, Jr. MD Archives. More information on the Archives is available on their website.

All Resources This option searches all of the above collections- books, journals, databases, archival materials, and articles available through the Levy Library.

Simple Search

The simple search box is set to search the Levy Library Catalog. However, you may narrow or expand your search using the scope options that appear below the search bar as you type. See the left-hand side of this page for more information on scope options. 

Your search can be a natural language search, or it can include specific resource information such as an author name, title, etc. You can also use Boolean connectors (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) in your searches.

Step 1: Run your search



Step 2: Browse the Results

If you've kept with the default search scope (Levy Library Catalog), your results will be a mix of books, journals, articles, and possibly databases. You may use the "Filter Your Results" panel on the left-hand side to filter results by Subject, Resource Type, Author, Publication Date, Language, and more- see below. 



Off-Campus Access

Having trouble logging in to access library resources remotely? Visit our Remote Access guide