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Levy Library Research Discovery: Resource Records

'Send to' Options

The 'Send to" options on Research Discovery records provide a variety of ways to save and share library resources. 

Use the EMAIL button to send an email with a link to the record to yourself or others. If you're logged in to your personal account, you may add a note to the message. 

undefinedUse the CITATION button to generate a citation to the resource in a variety of styles (AMA, APA, etc.). 

undefinedUse the PERMALINK button to generate a persistent link to the record. Use this link to send the record to others, or to create a bookmark for yourself. 

Use the EXPORT BIBTEX button to export the resource's bibliographic information in the BibTeX format. 

undefinedUse the EXPORT RIS button to export the resource's bibliographic information in the RIS format, which may be importer into your reference management software, such as EndNote or Zotero. 

undefinedUse the EASYBIB button to export the resource's bibliographic information to, in order to create a citation or add the resource to your easybib bibliography. 

Use the PRINT button to send a printer-friendly version of the record to your local printer. 

Resource Records

Item records within the Research Discovery platform describe resources available, provide links to export citations, and most importantly, provide access to electronically available resources. These feature may be accessed by clicking the  • • •  symbol on the right hand side of each item on the results list for a condensed view, or by clicking the item's title to view the full record. 

Condensed View



Full Record



Virtual Browse

The Virtual Browse feature allows you to scroll through library resources (books, journals, etc.) that are similar to the resource you are viewing. Use this feature to replicate the experience of browsing a library shelf in the online environment!