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Levy Library Research Discovery: Saving to Favorites

Saving to Favorites

In order to save items to your favorites, you must first sign in to your personal account in the upper right-hand corner of Research Discovery. Once you're signed in, you may use the push-pin icon to save items to your favorites list. You may "pin" or favorite any item type, as well as items not in Levy Library's collection. The push-pin icon is available on the record results page, as well as on each individual record page. Finally, you may also select multiple records to add to your favorites list at a time. See below. 


To view your Favorites, click your name in the upper right hand corner, and select "My Favorites". 


Organize Your Favorites

In order to organize your Favorites, use the Labels feature. Check off the items you'd like to label, then click "Add Labels" at the top. Either choose a label you've already created, or create a new one. You may then use your labels on the right hand side to view specific items that you'd labelled. undefined