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Technology: Print, Copy, Scan

Library Reopening: Phase 1 - Printing Services

The Levy Library is open with limited hours and services
For complete details about the services and hours, please visit:

All printing services inside the Levy Library will remain on pause at this time. Students who have access to the Aron Hall and 13th floor student lounge printer can continue using wireless printing. 

We are here to support your study and research needs when you are working or studying remotely. Please visit our Remote Services and Resources page to learn about all the ways you can stay connected to library and its services and resources. 

Questions? Please contact Circulation Services


Updated September 1, 2020.

Print & Copy

All ISMMS students, faculty and staff and MSHS employees  with valid credentials can set up their own My Print Center account, which will allow them to print to any Levy Library-managed printer.


To get started with your print account, please visit: How to Print.
Adding Funds to Your Print Account

Printing and copying services from all Levy Library managed printer is a pay-per-use service. Printing is not free. All  users are required to add funds to their print account in order to release print jobs. 

Users can add funds in-person at the Levy Library User Services desk during circulation hours. Levy Library only accepts credit or debit cards. Cash is not accepted.

NOTE: Money added to your print account cannot be refunded or transferred to another person's account. Any funds added from the MedEd distribution cannot be refunded or transferred. 

Print Cards

Users have the option to purchase a print card for $1.00 at the Library User Services desk if they would like to print from outside of the online portal.

As of July 1, 2019, print cards will no longer be required to release print jobs through the MyPrintCenter online portal.

PLEASE NOTE: print cards are required to release a print job from a print station under the following circumstances:

  • Printing from a personal laptop that is set up for wireless printing.
  • Printing directly from an application on a library desktop workstation such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.
  • Printing documents through the Pharos mobile app. 


Visiting Students/Volunteers/Observers/Temporary Employees

All visitors, observers, students in rotation and volunteers who do not have Mount Sinai credentials are required to purchase a print card at the User Services desk during circulation hours in order to use the library's printing services. 


Print & Copy Charges
  ISMMS Students Faculty & Staff Visitors & Volunteers
B&W Printing .05 cents/side .10 cents/side .10 cents/side
B&W Copies .05 cents/side .10 cents/side .10 cents/side
Color Printing .50 cents/side $1.00/side $1.00/side
Color Copies .50 cents/side $1.00/side $1.00/side


Printer & Copier Locations

Levy Library
(Annenberg 11)

Student Lounge
(Annenberg 13)

Student Lounge
(Aron Hall)

B&W 2 1 1
B&W/Color 1 - -


Library Scanning Station

A free self-service document scanning station with a flatbed and multi-document scanner is available inside the Levy Library, beside the computing facilities.  Patrons have the ability to send their scanned documents to a USB device, email, Dropbox, or Google Drive account.