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Technology: Print, Copy, Scan

Print, Copy, Scan

Update your print website URL/bookmark to 

Printing from a Personal Laptop or Mobile Device

Click here for Instructions on on how to install software to print from your personal laptop, computer, or mobile phone.


How to Print from a Levy Library Computer

Follow the step-by-step guide. Click HERE to get started.


Missing money on your print account?

Contact us and we will fix it!

  • Visit: Levy Library Circulation Services Desk or ASCIT+ Support Center, Annenberg 11

  • Call: (212) 241-7791*

  • Email:

*Circulation Services is available from 7:30am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday

+ASCIT Support Center is available from 8:00am - 8:00pm, Monday to Friday

With PaperCut you can now:

  • Print directly from a personal device – download and install Mobility Print to enable direct print from an application.
  • Securely release print jobs with your Mount Sinai ID – The new tap and release function allows users to securely release their print jobs using their Mount Sinai ID card or their mobile phone.
  • Print & pick up from anywhere – Users can send a print job to the queue and then walk up to any library-managed printer to release and pick up their documents.

Printer Issues?

If one of the library-managed printers is not working, needs paper, or if you experience issues retrieving a document sent to the print queue, you can submit a support request at:

In-person help is also available by visiting or contacting the Levy Library:

  • Visit: Levy Library Circulation Services Desk, Annenberg 11*
  • Visit: ASCIT Support Desk, Annenberg 11+
  • Call: (212) 241-7791*
  • Email:

*Circulation Services is available from 7:30am - 6:00pm, Monday to Friday

+ASCIT is available 8:00am - 8:00pm, Monday to Friday


Printing Services at the Levy Library

Printing and photocopying is provided to all members of the Mount Sinai community for a fee via PaperCut, the ISMMS's print management platform. Print accounts are automatically generated for all students, faculty, and staff - no registration is required.

Note: new employees should allow 24 hours for new accounts to be accessioned.

In order to print, you must be an active student, faculty or staff member of the Mount Sinai Health System.

For questions about printing and scanning, contact the Levy Library Circulation Services Desk at or (212) 241-7791.

Print Charges

Faculty & Staff

B&W: 10¢ | Color: $1.00

Graduate, Medical, & PSON Students

B&W: 5¢| Color: 50¢

Printer Locations

 Student Lounge, Annenberg 13th Floor

  • Black & White Printer, Copier and Scanner

Levy Library, Annenberg 11th Floor

  • Black & White Printer, Copier and Scanner
  • Color Printer, Copier and Scanner

Student Lounge, Annenberg 1st Floor

  • Black & White Printer, Copier and Scanner

Aron Hall Student Residence Lounge

  • Black & White Printer, Copier and Scanner



Scanning documents to an email address may be performed for free at any library-managed printer.

A free self-service document scanning station with a flatbed and multi-document scanner is available inside the Levy Library on Annenberg 11. Users have the ability to send their scanned documents to a USB device, email, Dropbox, or Google Drive account.


How to Print

How to Print (Click to Open the Visual Step-by-Step Guide)

To access your account, visit

  1. Using a Library Computer, print directly from your program of choice (Ctrl-P!).
  2. Make sure the printer selection is set to Library_Public.
  3. You will be prompted to log into PaperCut using your Mount Sinai email address and associated password.
    1. Staff and PSON students without a regular email address can use their Network ID +, e.g.
  4. Everything you print will be sent to the Print Queue. As you submit items, you will be prompted to confirm each print job and price. When you are ready, head to the printer of your choice.
  5. Log into your account with your Mount Sinai credentials OR tap your MSHS ID card on the RFID reader*.
  6. Select “Release All Jobs” on the printer display OR press the “Print Release” button and select submitted jobs from a list.

* First-time users: If you have not yet associated your Mount Sinai ID card with your print account, you will have to link your Mount Sinai ID card. Scan your ID card and click yes to link your ID to your print account, then log onto the printer with your Mount Sinai credentials. Once your account has been paired with your ID card, you will be able to release print jobs by scanning your ID card and selecting the desired print jobs from the queue. You will only have to do this once!

Accessing Your Print Account

You can access your account by visiting and logging in with your Mount Sinai email address and password.

You can view a summary of your information including jobs pending release, transaction history, and transfers.

Adding Funds to Your Account

Add funds to your account by visiting the Levy Library Circulation Services Desk, Monday - Friday 7:30am - 6:00pm. Credit/Debit cards accepted, no cash.

Note: The Levy Library does not issue refunds.

Missing money on your PaperCut account? We can help! Email us at

Transferring Printing Funds

You can transfer your personal (Cash Account) funds to any user in the system using the Transfers tab in the sidebar. Select the amount you wish to transfer and the email address of the recipient then click “Transfer.” You can check your transfer by going to Transaction History in the sidebar. Note: program allocations cannot be transferred.

View Print Jobs

To view and/or cancel any queued print jobs, visit the Jobs Pending Release tab in the sidebar of your Print Account.
Print jobs are automatically deleted after 72 hours. Note: you will still need to release your print jobs at a printer in-person.

Visual Step-by-Step Guide on How to Print


Why do I have to keep logging in on a public computer?!

Security. Frequently, users will print, retrieve their documents, then walk away from their computer - if PaperCut didn't automatically log out, there would be nothing stopping another user from sitting down and printing from the logged in account.

I can't print from Aron Hall.

In order to print, you must still be connected to a hospital or school network. Residents of Aron Hall using the MSMC-aron network need to use the VPN in order to be authenticated with the Active Directory.