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Scholars Portal at ISMMS: About Scholars Portal

Scholars Portal Introduction & Overview: What is Scholars Portal?


Pure ElsevierThe Icahn School of Medicine is delighted to share more information about the upcoming release of the Scholars Portal - our newest endeavor to support research collaboration, grant funding exploration and connectivity to a global research information management platform for the Mount Sinai research community.  

Scholars Portal is a robust research information management tool for tracking research metrics and impact.  Scholars Portal helps you to find publications and other kinds of research output, people, projects and grants, research units (departments, institutions, centers), datasets, and research-related activities.

Scholars Portal aggregates all your scholarly activity, including publications, grants, and awards onto a single, intelligent and secure platform, unlocking organized insights to elevate your research potential. Its interconnected data model showcases your expertise facilitating internal and external collaboration, maximizing funding opportunities, and promoting open science activities.