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PlumX at Mount Sinai

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Traditional Metrics

What are Altmetrics?

Altmetrics, or Alternative Metrics, are new measures used to track research impacts. Altmetrics track online scholarly impact in real time. They are complementary to traditional measures such as citation counts, journal impact factor, and author H-index.

The term was first introduced in 2010 by Jason Priem: altmetrics: a manifesto.

Altmetrics look at the article level rather than the journal level. Altmetrics tools can measure how many times a publication is viewed, downloaded and bookmarked as well as mentioned or shared on social media platforms such as Twitter.

Best Practices

The National Information Standards Organization began an initiative in 2013 to identify best practices called The Alternative Assessment Metrics Initiative.  The recommended Practice, NISO RP-25-2016, Outputs of the Alternative Assessment Metrics Project was published in 2016. You can view them both below.

PlumX from Plum Analytics

PlumX Metrics

Is anyone reading my work? watching my videos?

  • Downloads
  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Video Plays
  • Library Holdings (Books)

Is anyone interesting in coming back to my work?

  • Bookmarks
  • Favorites
  • Readers
  • Subscribers
  • Exports/Saves

Is someone engaging with my research?

  • Blog mentions
  • News mentions
  • Comments 
  • Reviews
  • Wikipedia links

Who is interacting with my work?

  • Tweets
  • Likes
  • Shares, Likes & Comments in Facebook
  • Ratings

How many times my research has been cited?

  • Traditional citation indexes such as Scopus and PubMed.
  • Clinical citation indexes such as Dynamed Plus Topics, PubMed Clinical Guidelines, and National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – UK.


Work in Progress: Mount Sinai Research in PlumX

Other Altmetrics Tools

ImpactStory is a free tool that helps researchers explore and share the online impact of their research. 

PLoS Article-Level Metrics (ALMs)
ALMs measure the impact of all individual article published in PLoS (Public Library of Science) journals. Metrics include downloads, citations, blogs, media coverage, social media shares, comments and Wikipedia mentions.