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Scholars Portal: Publications and Research Outputs

Publications and Research Outputs

Scholars Portal includes data on over a dozen types of research outputs including publications, patents, and datasets.

Scholars as implemented at ISMMS currently pulls together and links data from the Scopus database, and can also link publications from ORCID, and PubMed. Scholars automatically searches Scopus weekly for new data. Scholars provides workflows for data validation and control (e.g. de-duping of publications), ensuring an authoritative view of ISMMS research outputs.

three titles of articles from Sarah Millar's Scholars Portal profile


Metric Types

Metrics provide insights into the ways people interact with research outputs online. The growth of online research and the use of social media has given rise to new metrics such as online usage, captures, article views, and social media shares. Taken together, altmetrics and traditional metrics can provide a more complete view of the impact of research. Sources of metrics in the Scholars Portal include:

Source: Elsevier Pure Academy.


A ‘Fingerprint’ of key concepts is generated based on the available text data related to a piece of content in Scholars, such as a title and abstract from a research output, research interests, or a project or award description. These concepts provide a quick snapshot of the topics a researcher has worked on or is interested in and can be used during search and filtering. On the Portal, it can also be used for finding similar researcher profiles.

Fingerprint as shown on a profile page:

Fiingerprint of Sarah Millar showing research interests in medicine and life sciences