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Scholars Portal: What does a Scholars profile include?

Scholars Profiles

The ISMMS Scholars Portal profiles include information on your Mount Sinai affiliations, publications and research output, research interests, internal and external collaborations, projects, press & media mentions, and similar profiles. The Scholars profile page is intended to provide a summary of the particular researcher, including citations received, h-index, time-line of scientific production, personal profile information, most common concepts, and a subset of the researcher's scientific documents.

The Fingerprint page shows the researcher's full fingerprint. Selecting each concept will show other related Profiles, Research units, and Research output with the same concept across the Scholars Portal. Depending on the type of content related to the individual researcher, e.g., Projects, Publications & Research outputs, or Activities pages will be displayed in the researcher's space.

A page is created for each individual Research output which shows metadata, full fingerprint and an Altmetric circle indicator when available. The Similar Profiles page list the experts who have fingerprints that are similar to the expert in question, and hence allows a user to browse comparable experts in the portal.

The Network page provides a user with a tool to navigate through the Scholar's network and to select which relations are relevant (Profiles, External persons, Research Units or External research units). In the Profiles tab you will see a list of internal as well as external co-authors. In the Research Units is a list of related internal and external Research units is shown.

For published authors, your Scopus Author ID is the preferred method for adding publications to the profile. Once your Scopus ID is saved in Scholars, your Scholars profile will then automatically populate when new articles and outputs are published.   

Outside profiles and websites can also be included in Scholars including ORCID, Twitter, laboratory websites, Wikipedia, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, and more.

Scholars Portal profile of Marta Filizola