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PubMed: Saving & Sharing

PubMed includes several features to help you save & share your search results. These can be found on your search results page directly beneath the search bar.


Save your results or a selection of results in the following formats:

  • Summary (text): .txt file of citations in AMA format.
  • PubMed: .txt file of citations in PubMed format.
  • PMID: .txt file with PMIDs of all citations.
  • Abstract (text): .txt file of citations with abstracts.
  • CSV: .csv file of citations.


Email your results or a selection of results to yourself or a colleague. 

Send to

Select from several options to further manage your results:

  • Clipboard: Save your citations for up to 8 hours while you conduct more searches.
  • My Bibliography: Send to your personal bibliography in My NCBI.
  • Collections: Save citations permanently in your My NCBI account.
  • Citation Manager: Export your citations in a format that can be imported into a citation manager such as EndNote.