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PubMed: Advanced Search

Advanced Search

PubMed's Advanced Search Builder allows you to create and refine your searches. To access the Advanced Search Builder, click "Advanced" underneath the PubMed search box.

Advanced search builder link

Using the Advanced Search Builder

Step 1: Select the field you wish to search from the dropdown menu.

All Fields is PubMed's default search, but you can specify other searchable fields, including:

  • Affiliation
  • Author
  • Journal
  • MeSH Term
  • Publication Date
  • Title/Abstract

Advanced search builder

Use the drop down to select the appropriate search field:


Step 2: Enter your search term(s).

Enter the term in the search box. Click "ADD" to add the term to the query box.


Step 3: Continue to add search terms as needed.

When you add more terms, the Advanced Search Builder adds the Boolean operator AND between terms by default.

Click the down arrow on the "ADD" button to change the Boolean operator you wish to use when adding the term. For more information on using Boolean operators to combine terms, visit the Combining Terms section of this guide.

Remember to select the appropriate search field before adding new terms. For example, selecting Date - Publication allows you to enter a publication date range.


Step 4: Run your search.

Once you have combined all of your terms using the search builder, click "Search" to run your search in PubMed.


Alternatively, use the down arrow on the "Search" button to add the search to your History without leaving the Advanced Search Builder.


This will add the query to your History and Search Details table. To view the search results, click the results link. Search history will be saved for up to 8 hours.