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Visiting The Library: Overnight Study on ANBG-10

After Hours @ Levy Library - Overnight Study

Overnight Study @ The Levy Library

Overnight Study for ISMMS and GSBS students, and Mount Sinai house staff, residents and fellows

Overnight Study on ANBG 10
Monday through Friday  9:00PM - 6:00AM
Saturday & Sunday  24hrs
What's Available
  • 4 classrooms 
  • 2 group study rooms
  • 4 single study rooms

Seats and study rooms are open for use and do not require a reservation.

A valid Mount Sinai ID is required to access the 10th floor after 9:00PM. All currently enrolled medical, graduate and PhD students of the Icahn School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and Mount Sinai house staff, residents, and fellows have access privileges assigned to their MSHS ID card.

Any user with issues accessing the 10th floor door after hours can go to the MSHS Security office located in the MC level of Guggenheim Pavilion or contact the library at for assistance with ID card issues.

Overnight Study on ANBG-10: Access and Use Policies

Rules and Policies for Overnight Study (Swipe access, 10th floor)

  • Access is available to the following:
    • Current medical, graduate, and PhD students of the Icahn School of Medicine or Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
    •  Mount Sinai house staff, residents, and fellows
  • A valid MSHS ID is required to access the 10th floor.
  • No food is allowed.
  • Users must abide by maximum capacity set per space/room
  • Please keep noise to a minimum.
  • Please clean up after yourself and take all belongings with you.
  • Do not leave personal items unattended.
  • The 10th floor spaces are cleaned and and checked by the library staff between 6:00am – 8:00am each day. Users may be asked to vacate the rooms in order for housekeeping and library staff prepare for the day.
  • Occupants may be asked to relocate to a different room if maintenance needs to be done by housekeeping and/or library staff.
  • Furniture, electronic equipment, or other property of the library, Academic IT department, or the School shall not be taken from the library or tampered with in any way.
  • Hours are subject to change in certain cases including but not limited to observances, construction, or emergencies.