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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Learning and Discovery: AI in Teaching and Learning

AI in Teaching and Learning

Artificial intelligence is increasingly being utilized in academia, and the Levy Library + Instructional Technology Group is your partner in keeping up with new developments and trends in AI. To help all of us stay current, we've set up the three feeds in the tabs below this one, showcasing recent literature and information on applications, best practices, and tools in teaching and learning for medical education, graduate medical education, and graduate education. We're also actively watching other sources and feeds, and the information from them can be found in the blog tab at the bottom of this section.

AI-related policies of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai can be found in the link in this box below.

Using AI Tools

AI tools for teachers and learners are constantly being developed. Below are links describing some of these new resources as well as links to the tools themselves.

Citing and Using AI in Manuscripts

AI's ability to generate text to write papers has been a widely debated topic in academia and scholarly communication. Below are links describing journal policies for AI in text generation and ways to cite AI in your own writing.