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About this Guide

The Library has created this guide to connect the IACUC and researchers with resources in and outside of the library to support their needs in conducting, facilitating and overseeing the use of animals. It also guides researchers through the steps of conducting a literature search for alternatives that may be required for the IACUC protocol. 

The Three R's (3R's)

The Library provides resources and services that support researchers and IACUC members and administrators in their efforts to align with the 3R's principles. 

The Three R's (3R's) 

  • Replacement: Includes the technologies or methods in place to replace or avoid the use of animals
  • Reduction: Refers to the strategies used to reduce the number of animals used in research including: 
    • Correct statistical evaluation  
      • For statistical support, please visit the Center of Biostatistics to schedule a statistical consultation online
    • Changing/altering the experimental design
    • Maximizing the information obtained from each animal to minimize the use of additional animals 
  • Refinement: Involves any modifications to the experimental procedure or husbandry practices in an effort to minimize or eliminate pain and distress. 

Source: Adapted from USDA's Animal Use Alternatives (3R's) 

Need Help?

Researchers may wish to consult with Librarians or Statisticians as you plan your research. If you would like guidance on searching the literature for information or would like to discuss your study design or sample size with a statistician, please see one of the services below to schedule a consultation.