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Citing References

Academic and scientific publishing demands writers credit ideas or research to their original source.  It is imperative to:

  • protect yourself and your reputation/career from accusations of plagiarism
  • behave ethically with regard to the intellectual property of others
  • enhance the credibility of your work by proving you used credible sources
  • be clear about which ideas are your own
  • save time if you need to refer back to a source

Credited citations within manuscripts link specific passages to sources consulted or quoted.  This is done through in-text parenthetic notes, footnotes or endnotes with an accompanying bibliography or list of works cited at the end of the paper.  Citation formats are determined by the citation style.  Some common citation styles are:

  • AMA Manual of Style (Ebook available below)
  • APA Style
  • Chicago Manual of Style

As the number and complexity of references in a manuscript grows, the need for reference management software becomes critical. These systems enable researchers to store references collected while searching literature and to automatically format citations using thousands of citation styles.  

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