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Web of Science: Document Search

Document Searching

The Web of Science search builder allows you to easily combine terms to create a comprehensive search. The default search field is "All Fields", but a search field can be specified by using the field dropdown to the left of the search box.

Screenshot pointing out search field selector dropdown

The default search field in Web of Science is "All Fields" which automatically searches all of the searchable fields in one query. To change this search field, click on the search fields box and select the appropriate field from the dropdown.

Screenshot showing Web of Science search builder, pointing out the "Add Row" button that allows you to add an additional line to your search

When you search Web of Science, the search engine automatically looks for any variations of the search terms you use, including:

  • British versus US English variations
  • Plural forms of nouns
  • Verb tense variations

Search Results Page

The search results page includes several features to help you filter, navigate, analyze, and save your search results:

1. Refine

Focus your search by searching within your results for specific terms or authors. You can also refine your results by selecting options in several different sections, including: 

  • Quick Filters
  • Publication Years
  • Document Types
  • Funding Areas
  • Research Areas
  • Countries/Regions
  • Languages
2. Save

Select the references you wish to save and add them to your marked list or export them to a separate file or reference manager.

3. Sort

Sort results by relevance, citation number, date published, etc.

4. Analyze

Overview results and analyze publication trends. Create a citation report to view citation trends for your set of results.

5. Create Alert

Set a citation alter for your search to get emailed when new relevant papers are published.

6. Navigate the Citation Network

Link directly to documents that a record has references, any citing articles, and related records.