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Web of Science: Search and Citation Alerts

Search Alerts

Once you create a Web of Science account, you will be able to save your searches and set up search alerts for new publications that satisfy your search query.

Screenshot pointing out create alert button in Web of Science

You will be prompted to name your search before you save it. If you wish to have Web of Science email you when new papers are added to the database that satisfy your search query, make sure that the "Send me email alerts" box is checked.

Screenshot pointing out create search alert pop up box which allows you to save your searches to your Web of Science account

Click on OK to exit the dialogue box, or "Manage Alerts" to change your alert settings.

Screenshot pointing out "manage alerts" link in web of science

Alternatively, you can manage your alerts by selecting "Alerts" from the top toolbar.

Screenshot pointing out Alerts section of Web of Science toolbar

From the search alerts settings page, you can change the name of your searches, inactivate your search, and rerun your search. Click on more options for advanced settings.

Screenshot showing the search alerts setting page, pointing out the link to "more options"

The advanced settings section of your search alerts will allow you to add a description of the search, change email recipients, change the frequency of email alerts, and opt to receive new email alerts even when there are no new results from your search.

Screenshot showing advanced search details page in Web of Science

Citation Alerts

Citation databases allow you to set up a citation alert to notify you when a particular paper is cited. Citation alerts enable you to keep track of who is citing your work or other key work in your field. 

To create a citation alert, click "Create citation alert" to the right of the citation's entry in Web of Science.

Screenshot pointing out Create citation alert button in the right hand column on the article's entry in Web of Science