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Web of Science: Analyzing Results

Analyze Results

Web of Science includes built-in tools to help you analyze search results and view citation trends. Using the Analyze Results option will allow you to to identify trends such as major authors, funding agencies, institutions, and journals within a set of results. From the search results page, click on Analyze Results.

Screenshot pointing out Analyze Results button next to search bar on search results page

Web of Science will visualize your search results. Use the dropdown to view different trends. For example, to view the top authors in your set of search results, select Authors.

Screenshot showing analyze results page

The top 10 authors will be visualized in the resulting treemap chart. Use the options to change the visualization format and display options, or download the visualization as a JPG file.

Screenshot showing "analyze results" treemap of top authors, pointing out the visualization dropdown to the left and the download button to the right

To view a particular author's citations as a set of results, hover over their name and click View Records.

Screenshot showing view records button popup from author treemap

Alternatively, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will see a table that includes all authors in the results set. From here, you can refine/exclude results by select authors or download a data table of all authors.

Screenshot showing data table on the analyze results page

Create Citation Report

Another option for viewing citation trends in Web of Science is to create a Citation Report from a set of search results.

Screenshot pointing out Create Citation Report button to the right of the search bar on the search results page


The citation report page shows citation metrics and trends of a set of records. The cards at the top of the page show high-level metrics information of the set, including total number of publications, citing articles, times cited, and h-index.

Screenshot showing top-level citation metrics on citation report page

The citation report page also includes a graph showing the distribution of when records in the results set were published and at what point in time citations to the record occurred.

Screenshot showing citation report graph

At the bottom of the page, the document details section shows citations accrued each year, the average citations per year, and the total citations for each document in the set.

Screenshot showing document details section of citation report