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Web of Science: Author Search

Author Search

To search for an individual author's record in Web of Science, select the Author tab and enter their name into the search boxes. Alternatively, use the dropdown to search by unique identifier (such as ORCID ID).

screenshot showing the author search interface on web of science

For more common names, you may need to refine to specific name variations, affiliations, and subject categories using the Refile Results panel. If an author as multiple records, use the checkboxes to select as many as you need, then click View as Combined Record to see them together. Alternatively, select Merge Records to request a merge of multiple records that belong to the same author.

Screenshot showing author search results page

Author Profiles

Author profiles represent a set of likely papers associated with an individual. As an author, you can claim your author record to make changes and confirm which papers are yours.

Author profiles also include individual author metrics, including the author's beamplot, which can be used to analyze and evaluate an individual's research impact over time, as well as a summary of the author's citation network. Links to all of the author's publications indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection are also provided.

Screenshot showing an author page in Web of Science

Citation Reports via Author Profiles

Clicking on the "View citation report" button in the Citation Network section allows you to view more detailed information on an author's citation trends and metrics.

Screenshot pointing out view citation report button on the author page

The cards at the top of the page show high-level metrics information of for the particular author, including total number of publications, citing articles, times cited, and h-index. The graph shows the distribution of when an author's works were published and at what point in time citations to those works occurred.

Screenshot showing the top of a author citation report page, showing high level metrics at the top as well as a graph showing the distribution of publications and times cited

At the bottom of the page, the document details section shows citations accrued each year, the average citations per year, and the total citations for each document in the set.

Screenshot showing second half of author citation report page with a list of recent publications and their citation counts over the past few years

Note: Citation reports can also be created for a set of search results in order to analyze trends in a particular body of literature and field. See the Analyzing Results page for more information of how to create a citation report from a set of records.