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Virtual Anatomy & Physiology Guide: Anatomage Table

Schedule a demonstration of the Anatomage Table by contacting

With the Anatomage Table, learners can explore fully-segmented 3D anatomy with precision. Each anatomical structure is meticulously reconstructed in three dimensions, offering an unparalleled virtual dissection encounter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Five photorealistic cadavers
  • Simulation of physiology and visualization of pathways
  • Thirty-six modules featuring high-resolution regional anatomy
  • A comprehensive case library comprising over a thousand 3D-rendered images from CT, MRI, and X-Ray scans and much more!

The Anatomage Table is located in room A12-23 on the 12th Floor of Annenberg building. Reservations for demonstrations and training will be available in May.  More information about reservations for independent or small group study will be available soon. 

Journal through life in 3D: Anatomage 10 Table - video courtesy of Anatomage