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Levy Library Policies: Print Book Donations

Print Book Donations Policy

The Levy Library almost never accepts print book donations, due to space constraints in the physical library and because the library’s collection is now almost entirely in digital format, rather than print format.

The Levy Library will gratefully accept a print book donation from members of the Mount Sinai community if the gift meets one of the two criteria below:

  • A Mount Sinai author would like to donate his or her newly published book in excellent condition.
  • The donation is a brand-new, un-opened biomedical textbook published in the current year

On the rare occasions that the Library accepts print book donations, the following rules apply:

  • Donated materials that are accepted by the Library become the property of the library and cannot be returned to the donor. 
  • Once the Library takes possession of a donated item, the Library is free to make all decisions in accordance with its established policis with regard to the use, availability in the collection, and disposal of the item.

Tax Considerations: The Library will provide donors of books valued at $250 or more with written acknowledgment of the receipt of such donation.  The current list price of the book will be used to determine the value.

For questions about donations, please contact the Collections and Technical Services department at