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Levy Library Policies: ISMMS Libraries Ask-A-Librarian Services

ISMMS Libraries Ask-A-Librarian Services Mission, Vision, and Policy


The ISMMS Libraries Education & Research Services team equips students, housestaff, clinicians and other members of our user community to effectively find and utilize the information they need to practice evidence-based medicine in the service of providing superior quality patient care and producing the highest quality research output.


The ISMMS Libraries user community seamless accesses the resources they need and utilizes library services to enhance their knowledge, skills and performance in pursuit of the superior quality education, research and evidence-based patient care.

Literature Search Services

  1. As a general rule, patrons are invited and encouraged to schedule time to meet with a librarian to observe and learn research skills.
  2. Mediated search services consist of designing an optimal search strategy in a single database (e.g. PubMed, Nursing Reference Center, etc.) for the patron, sending them the search which they can plugin to the database, and providing instructions on how to best sort and review search results (e.g. sort by “Best Match” in PubMed). The patron is responsible for reviewing results and retrieving articles they deem relevant. If the patron wants a search expanded to additional databases, they must make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian.
  3. For search requests related to research projects (rather than patient care or hospital policies), patrons must make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian.
  4. For search requests from MSHS users related to degrees that they are pursuing at institutions other than ISMMS, patrons must make an appointment for a consultation with a librarian.

Literature Search Service Limits

  1. Mediated searches shall be limited to two per month per patron.  Patrons needing in excess of 2 searches/month must schedule an appointment for a consultation in order to develop independent search skills, as finding and assessing literature is evidently a crucially important part of their job.
  2. Mediated searches shall be limited to 90 minutes.  After 90 minutes worth of searching, the librarian should send the patron the results and indicate that if they wish to pursue the search further, they should schedule an appointment for a consultation.
  3. Services provided to any single patron are limited to three hours per patron per month.

Article Retrieval/Document Delivery

  1. The library does not provide an article retrieval service for items that are available electronically through our collection.
  2. All users should be instructed on how to retrieve and download articles that are accessible via the collection.
  3. All users who have access to ILLiad, Levy Library’s interlibrary loan system, should be instructed on how to request articles via ILLiad. Mount Sinai Health System (MSHS) users who do not have access to ILLiad should contact their local hospital library for assistance obtaining articles via interlibrary loan.  To determine your eligibility or to learn more about ILLiad, please review the Levy Library Interlibrary Loan Service page.

Policy enacted as of 3/15/17.