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Plum Analytics at Mount Sinai: What is Plum?

What is Plum Analytics?

Plum Analytics Logo

Plum Analytics is a research evaluation system licensed by the Levy Library to measure research impact and track research outputs across the Mount Sinai Health System.

Plum tracks both traditional metrics such as citations and the h-index as well as altmetrics such as online usage, captures, article views and social media shares.

Most Mount Sinai faculty, departments, postdocs, residents, and students already have profiles set up on Plum. To view your Plum profile click the link below and search for your name:

View Mount Sinai's PlumX dashboard 

Don't see your Plum profile?  Register for Plum

Questions about your Plum profile?  Email the Library's Plum team at:

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Register for a Plum Profile

Laptop icon with a popup of a person speaking and a piece of paper behind the laptop1. Create Your Own Research Story: With a Plum profile, you can have a single place to gather, organize, and build upon your body of work throughout your educational and professional career.


Handshake icon2. Promote Yourself: Create a visual of your research and show the full range of impact that your research has made within the scientific community.


Two speech bubbles overlapping with three dots in each3. Engage with Others: Each time your research is mentioned in the news or tweeted about, Plum captures that data and adds it to your profile.  See who is talking about and sharing your research from around the world, and interact with the scientific community in ways that you never would have imagined!


Ready to Sign Up for Plum?  Register for Plum