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Scholars at Mount Sinai: Group Maintenance: Adding Scholars IDs to Sinai Central eDirectory Profiles

This guide provides instructions on adding a Scholars ID to the Sinai Central eDirectory (EDIR) profile.  Adding the Scholars ID to EDIR will ensure that the Scholars research artifacts are made available on the 'Publications' area of  Mount Sinai professional profiles.

Adding Scholars IDs to Researcher Profiles Using SinaiCentral

1. Log in to your SinaiCentral account. Select EDIR from the main menu. Select EDIR from the sidebar menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
2. Under “EDIR User Admin” select “User Admin,” and then select “User.” Perform a search by first and last name or by life number and select the appropriate profile from the list of results.
3. Select the tab “Publications (Pure)” from the sidebar menu.
4.  On the researcher’s Scholars Profile, copy the Scholars ID and paste into the corresponding box in EDIR. Instructions for obtaining your Scholars ID can be found below.  

Instructions for obtaining the Scholars [Pure] ID

Instructions for obtaining the Scholars [Pure] ID

  • Login to the Scholars admin portal:
  • Once in the Scholars portal, go to Master Data and click on "Persons"

  • Search for the Person's name and click on the name for which the Scholars [Pure] ID is needed.
  • Once the Person is selected, you will find the Scholars [Pure] ID on the top left corner for the profile view.
  • While in the Persons view, go to "Overview", click on "Display" and select "System Info"

  • Locate the Scholars [Pure] ID and Permalink ID under the System info details
  • Copy Permalink ID to input into the Sinai Central EDIR Publications (Pure) field