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Levy Library Research Synthesis and Systematic Review Services: Scoping Reviews

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What Is a Scoping Review?

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A scoping review is a "preliminary assessment of the potential size and scope of available research literature" on a topic.2 These types of reviews often look at many different study designs and methods, and can include ongoing research. Scoping reviews can be standalone, or used as a tool to assess whether a potential systematic review on a question can be conducted.

Scoping reviews are useful for:

  • Examining a body of literature that has not been comprehensively reviewed
  • Identifying or clarifying key concepts or definitions
  • Seeing how research is conducted on a topic

Limitations of scoping reviews include: 

  • That they generally they do not evaluate the quality of evidence found
  • Having the potential to include a huge number of papers, necessitating having a large study team for screening purposes
  • Possibly requiring several broad searches to focus on several themes
  • That due to their nature, they do not provide answers to focused questions, but give a broad overview


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Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay.

PRISMA Guidelines

Although many aspects of PRISMA are intended for systematic reviews, there is also a checklist specifically for scoping reviews. In addition, many of the other extensions can be useful for scoping reviews, modifying when necessary.