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Levy Library Systematic Review Services: How We Can Help

Systematic Reviews

Introduction image for video: Fall 2020 Levy Library ERS Workshop Series So You Want to Do a Systematic Review?

Hey ISMMS Graduate Students!

Thinking about completing a Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis as your thesis or dissertation?

Use our review type decision tree to determine what works for your research question and connect to additional resources.

Levy Library Systematic Review Support Services

The Levy Library offers the following systematic review/meta-analysis support services:

  • Introduction to systematic review/meta-analysis methodology and best practices
  • Developing your research question including:
    • Investigating whether it is appropriate to try to answer the question/topic at hand via a systematic review/meta-analysis
    • Determining whether there is sufficient evidence available to provide an answer to the research question
  • Drafting a research protocol 
  • Comprehensive search strategy development including:
    • Identifying a complete list of search terms
    • Identifying appropriate databases to search
    • Putting it all together - Building your search query
  • Help creating a de-duplicated set of results for screening
  • Training on Covidence, an online tool designed to facilitate the systematic review process
  • Guidance on selecting an appropriate quality appraisal tool
  • Developing a realistic timeline for your systematic review/meta-analysis project

Need help with a systematic review or meta-analysis?  Please fill out the preliminary information form below and a member of the library staff will contact you within one business day.

Preliminary Information