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Levy Library Research Synthesis and Systematic Review Services: How We Can Help

Protocol Development

A drafted protocol is a critical step for the search strategy development and recommendation of library resources by the librarian. Please look at the following guiding documents/resources on how to develop a protocol for an evidence synthesis project.

Levy Library Research Synthesis and Systematic Review Support Services

The Levy Library offers the following support services for research syntheses (including systematic reviews/meta-analyses):

  • Introduction to methodology and best practices
  • Developing your research question including:
    • Investigating whether it is appropriate to try to answer the question/topic at hand via a systematic review/meta-analysis, if applicable
    • Determining whether there is sufficient evidence available to provide an answer to the research question
  • Comprehensive search strategy development including:
    • Identifying a complete list of search terms
    • Identifying appropriate databases to search
    • Putting it all together - Building your search query
  • Help creating a de-duplicated set of results for screening
  • Training on Covidence, an online tool designed to facilitate the research synthesis process
  • Guidance on selecting an appropriate quality appraisal tool
  • Developing a realistic timeline for your research synthesis project

Need help with a research synthesis project?  Please fill out our consultation request form and a member of the library staff will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.