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Open Access: Types of Open Access

Types of Open Access Journals

Types of Open Access Journals:

Green – refers to self-archiving generally of the pre- or postprint in repositories. There are three basic version types that can be self-archived in repositories:

  1. Preprints – The author's copy of article before it’s been reviewed by the publisher, or pre-reviewed
  2. Postprints – The author's copy of article after it’s been reviewed and corrected, but before the publisher has formatted it for publication, or post-reviewed. Also called an accepted manuscript.
  3. Publisher's version - The final version of the article that is published in the journal issue or on the journal's website.

Gold – refers to articles in fully accessible open access journals or one that are in hybrid journals, which are subscription journals with open access to individual articles usually when a fee is paid to the publisher or journal by the author, the author's organization, or the research funder.

Diamond– refers to open access journals that do not require a fee to publish; also called sponsored or platinum journals. Fees are paid by an institution, grants, philanthropy, or other sources.

Bronze– refers to journals where the license or copyright is not clear; may only be free to read.

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