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Open Access: Open Access Fee Discounts for Mount Sinai Authors

Open Access Publishing Options for Mount Sinai Authors

The Levy Library has arranged discounted or no-cost options for Mount Sinai authors to publish their work as "Open Access." 

Removing the subscription paywalls to make the full text of your work "open" and available to read by everyone sometimes incurs an additional cost known as an Article Processing Charge (APC's).  In addition to providing the Mount Sinai community with access to the licensed content, the Levy Library has made agreements with select publishers to offer Mount Sinai authors two "Open Access" options:

  1. discounts on Article Processing Charges   OR
  2. no-cost for the author via a Read and Publish agreement 

With these options, your work can be open and free to read with no embargo period (or wait time) as soon as it is accepted for publication. 

For more information, please read the information in each of the boxes on the right including the links to the publisher websites for details. 

You can always contact the Levy Library with any questions at




No-Cost Open Access Publishing Agreements for Mount Sinai Authors

The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has Read and Publish agreements that cover the article processing charges (APC) for the following publishers:


Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)


  • Agreement in effect August 1, 2023 - July 31, 2028
  • Unlimited fee-free Open Access publishing for all Mount Sinai corresponding authors
  • Includes ACM's entire catalog of magazines, conference proceedings, and journals
  • Eligible Articles by Affiliated Corresponding Authors shall be eligible for open access publication under these terms if they are published on or after the Agreement's effective date or accepted for publication before the Agreement’s termination date.

The default Open Access option for Mount Sinai corresponding authors is the Institutional Paid Open Access / Permissions Release.  Authors selecting this option will retain all rights to their work and agree to grant ACM non-exclusive permission to publish their Work in the ACM Digital Library and have the additional option of displaying a Creative Commons license on the published version of their Work.

Learn more about the ACM OPEN model:


Company of Biologists licensed journal titles


Under the terms of this 3-year agreement, effective January 1, 2024, the Mount Sinai community will be provided with

  • unlimited Read access to all hybrid subscription journals, with perpetual access to content dating back to 1853
  • fee-free open access publishing (no APCs) for Mount Sinai corresponding authors in hybrid and Open Access journals. To be eligible for fee-free open access publishing, the manuscripts must be submitted and accepted for publication between January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026

All Open Access articles shall be: (1) made immediately Open Access, as the Version of Record in a Licensed Title on The Company of Biologists’ website with no embargo period; (2) published under the terms of the CC-BY Version 4.0 license; and (3) deposited by The Company of Biologists on acceptance in PubMed Central.

Learn more at the publisher's website


“Hybrid Journal” means a journal title in which articles that are not Open Access Articles are published in the same issue as Open Access Articles.

“Open Access Article” means an original research paper that is accessible or submitted on the basis that it will be accessible immediately, on an open access basis under CC BY Version 4.0 terms (see Creative Commons CC-BY Terms version 4.0 at

“Version of Record” means the final typeset and edited version of the Open Access article published in a journal.

Select Open Access Discounts for Mount Sinai Authors

The Levy Library has arranged discounts on the article processing charge (APC) for Mount Sinai authors who wish to publish in Open Access Journals from the following publishers.  To take advantage of the discount, you must identify yourself as a Mount Sinai author during the article submission process.  Please email if you have any questions.

Open Access Publishing Discounts Guidance

Your Feedback Welcome!

We welcome your comments on using these discounts or your suggestions for journals/publishers with which you would like to publish open access. In 2023, the Library discussed the costs and processes for open access discounts and read and publish agreements for the Mount Sinai Community with all of our current publishers. We learned that most cost more than the Library could afford, but we welcome conversations with Mount Sinai authors for how to leverage Mount Sinai's investment in open access publishing to make it more accessible for our entire community. 


Open Access Discount Approach

The Levy Library will attempt to arrange open access discounts for the Mount Sinai community for journals/publishers which offer a membership model or a flat additional cost to what the Library pays for subscriptions. The membership model is one in which the library pays a flat fee that allows any member of the Mount Sinai community to receive a discount if their article is accepted. The Levy Library is not able to provide discounts for publishers that bill an article processing charge (APC) each time an eligible researcher has a paper accepted, as this model is substantially more expensive and unpredictable from a budgetary standpoint.