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Journal Selection and Identification: Using JANE to Generate a List of Publication Targets

This guide offers tips on how to select and identify potential journals to publish your research in.

Using JANE

JANE is a free online tool that can be used to find articles that are similar to the abstract, title, or keywords you input into it. It includes papers with abstracts published in the last ten years.

First, decide whether you will input your abstract or title, or keywords. You can go between the two options by clicking the link above the search box.

JANE's title/abstract search box

JANE's keyword search box

With either option, click on Find Journals after inputting your text. You will be taken to the results page, where you will get a list of up to 50 journals that JANE has determined have similar articles. You can click on Show Articles under the Articles column to see some of those articles. In addition to the title, JANE also shows a Confidence score and an Article Influence score. There are also labels that may appear next to the journal titles: Medline-indexed (the journal is currently indexed in MEDLINE); PMC (some or all articles from the journal are deposited in PubMed Central); and High-quality open access (the journal does not charge for access and is considered to be of high quality).

JANE's results page showing titles, confidence, article influence, and similar articles

CONFIDENCE: How similar your input is to the articles in the journal listed. The confidence score is based on the articles in the Articles column.

ARTICLE INFLUENCE: A term similar to impact factor, Article Influence measures how often articles in the journal are cited within the first five years after publication. These citations are weighted based the influence of the journals from which citations are received; more well-known journals will have a higher Article Influence score than journals that are less well-known. The blue bar indicates the percentage of journals in MEDLINE with a lower Article Influence score.

From here, generate a list of journal titles that look appropriate for your manuscript, and paste them into a Word or Google Docs document to put in PubsHub.