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ISMMS Shift to Remote Instruction: Home

In response to the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, ISMMS has made a temporary shift to online instruction. This is your guide to current info and updates.


Welcome to the ISMMS Remote Instruction guide

This guide is for the faculty of ISMMS and provides information to support best practices for teaching remotely and to ensure instructional continuity during the COVID-19 crisis. A transition to online teaching may seem overwhelming, so this guide will provide reviewed resources and current best practices that support personalized approaches to online instruction. The guide will also provide direct access to the ISMMS Academic IT team who support a variety of core technology resources available at Mount Sinai including: Echo360, Google Apps for Education, Zoom, and Blackboard.

We welcome your comments and feedback as we work to promote the continuity of instruction.
Please email the Instructional Technology Group with suggestions.

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Find the latest simple step-by-step instructions that will take you through teaching with Blackboard & Zoom.

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The ISMMS Academic IT group offers ongoing online support and various workshops on the technology options available to you for online course delivery.

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Here you will find answers to common questions that arise when transitioning to online instruction.