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Mount Sinai Morningside Information Commons: Study Areas

General Study

The General Study Zone is located in the center of the Information Commons and provides an open space for users to work on projects and assignments.


  • Study spaceTables, chairs, computers, and books at Morningside


  • Wide study tables equipped with both traditional and USB power outlets along the edge.
  • Counter-height seating.


  • 12 seats available at the wide study tables.
  • 2 seats available at counter-height, including 1 desktop workstation.


  • Collaborative study and conversation allowed at a low volume.
  • Beverages with lids are permitted
  • Group training or lecture sessions are not permitted. 
  • Long phone conversations of any kind are not permitted. 
  • Video conferencing conversations not permitted.

Desktop Computing

The Mount Sinai Morningside Information Commons has desktop computers available for open use. No reservations are required and computer workstations are available on a first come - first served basis.


  • Computing facilities

Computers and Chairs at Morningside


  • 6 desktop workstations with privacy dividers
  • 1 counter-height desktop workstation
  • 1 school-build desktop workstation in a private alcove with SPSS and SAS software
  • Black & white printer/copier


  • 8 desktops available


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PatientWorks
  • Citrix
  • TeleTracking
  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • MDeverywhere
  • SPSS and SAS (on 1 school-build desktop ONLY)


  • Individual or group study with minimal talking but no loud or extended conversations.
  • Do not save personal files to the computers. Please delete any files you may have downloaded.
  • Beverages with lids are permitted, but caution must be taken to avoid spills.
  • Do not leave any personal items unattended. Any item that is left for more than 20 minutes may be removed by library staff in order for others to use the computer. 

Group Study

The Information Commons has two Group Study areas available for collaborative work:


  • Collaborative study space


  • One room including a TV with HDMI ports to allow for presentations and media viewing.

Group Study Room With TV

  • One alcove in the rear of the library with a counter for extended surface space.

Group Study Alcove at Mount Sinai Morningside


  • 4 seats available in each area.


  • Collaborative study and conversation are permitted.
  • Group training or lecture sessions are permitted. 
  • Long phone conversations are permitted. 
  • Video conferencing conversations are permitted.
  • Operates on a first come - first served basis.

Casual Study

The Casual Study area is a space for studying and working in a relaxed environment.


  • Study SpaceCouches and Cushioned Chairs at Morningside


  • Soft seating including 2 couches and 2 cushioned chairs
  • Large windows to provide natural light
  • Counters for surface space
  • Power outlets around each seat


  • 8 seats available


  • Individual or group study permitted. 
  • Beverages with lids are permitted.