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Reference Management: What Works for You?

Using a reference management tool enables you to import references from online databases, organize your research, and automatically format papers and bibliographies.

How do I decide which reference manager to use?

Deciding on which reference manager to use comes down to your individual needs. Use the chart below to help you pick what's right for you!

Mount Sinai PCs

Some reference managers and/or software features are not available on Mount Sinai-issued PCs. Review the links below for more information on your options for reference management if you are working on a Mount Sinai-issued PC.

I want to...



...export citations from online databases and journal websites.
...create citations from my web browser with one click. with Microsoft Word. with Google Docs.
...have unlimited storage for my library.
...automatically create references based on full-text PDFs.
...easily collaborate on a document with colleagues.
...share my entire library with colleagues.
...share part of my library with colleagues.
...access my references on my computer and online.
...have robust technical support for troubleshooting software issues.
...attach PDFs to my references.
...highlight and annotate PDFs.
...easily move between computers.
...directly search online databases.
...detect duplicate references in my library.
...edit or create citation styles.
...continue to use my library indefinitely if I move to a new institution.

Chart adapted from Hunter College Libraries.
Icons made by Freepik from

Still not sure which reference manager to use? Contact us for help!