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Evidence Based Medicine Guide: Module 3: Appraise

Reference Shelf: Best of the Best EBM eBooks for Critical Appraisal

Levy Library's collection contains extensive resources on evidence-based medicine.  The two titles suggested below cover all steps of the evidence cycle, and are especially useful for learning about the critical appraisal process. 

Critical Appraisal Steps

Appraisal of clinical studies has three parts:

  1. Evaluation of validity. Was an appropriate research method used and was the study free from bias?
  2. Analysis the significance of the findings. What outcomes were measured, what was the statistical significance of the data and what is the clinical importance of the findings?
  3. Assessment of the relevance of the research. Can you generalize the findings to your patient in your environment?

Critical Appraisal Tutorials

Critical appraisal requires application of epidemiological and biostatistical concepts that are often introduced in basic sciences courses. The tutorials below provide a review of important concepts and guides to appraising research reports.

Article Synopses

You do not always need to do cirtical appraisal yourself. These quality filtered resources provide structured abstracts and expert commentary of individual studies.