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Phillips School of Nursing Information Commons: CINAHL

Using Limiters

Articles can be limited to only those that are peer-reviewed, authored by a nurse, full-text PDF available, dated within the last five years or other select specific criteria to apply to patients, such as age group or gender. Multiple limits can be applied to any search. 

Example - type Wound Care (suggest subject terms if unsure about keywords) in the first bar and Diabetic Foot (suggest subject terms if unsure of keywords) in the second bar. This will bring up articles with those two terms and narrow the search to both Wound Care and Foot Ulcer. AND is the default setting on CINAHL.

For help understanding Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT) and other search strategies please see the LibGuide section on PICO & Searching. 


CINAHL, the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature is a comprehensive database that provides indexing of the top nursing and allied health literature available. If you know your keywords already (i.e Wound Care) you can start typing into the advanced search box. If you need help with the correct medical heading terms, click the suggest subject terms box at the top of the page. This will take you to a subject terms page where you can select what applies to your research inquiry. 

The suggest subject terms box will bring up the terms that should be used in the search and the headings and subheadings available. Check the subheadings and decide which apply to your search. Hit the "search" button to the right to get the results. 



Combining Terms

Combine search terms to narrow the scope of your research (ie.Wound Care and Diabetic Foot). 



Using Limiters

Use limiters to refine your search and retrieve better results.


Results List with Limiters Applied

The results list will show up with limiters applied. Here we have so many that only one article is shown. To get more, you can always take away limiters and see what comes up in the results list. 


Getting to Articles

Click the link for full-text and you will be taken to the publisher's page to view the article. 


Click on "View as PDF" to easily decide if this is an article you want to include. Alternatively, you can remain on the publisher page and read the article there, checking for links that are similar results. 

Create an Account!

Create an account to save articles to customized folders, save specific searches, and to set up any needed alerts during research. Save articles and searches by clicking on the folder icon as seen below. 

Articles and searches can be added to a custom folder and shared. Alerts can be emailed out or added to an RSS feed.