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Research Support: Educational Offerings

Request Instruction

How can I request instruction?

Faculty members, program managers, residency directors, and others may book a customized class session with a librarian focused on the resources and research skills of greatest interest to their students, residents, and other trainees. 

The Library Education and Research Services team invites you to:

  • Request an instruction session, either at the library or embedded in your course plan.
  • Request an online learning guide, module or webinar.
  • Meet with a Librarian instructor to design a fully-integrated instruction plan for your group.

Levy Library Instruction Menu

Module Topics Covered Time Required
Library Orientation
  • Library resource access on & off-campus
  • Navigating the library collection
  • Library services such as consultations, software, & systematic review support
15 minutes
Literature Review Process and Organization
  • Why conduct a literature review?
  • Planning and executing a literature review
  • Tools & Best Practices
  • Searching effectively: PubMed & Beyond
60 minutes
Asking Clinical Questions & Acquiring Best Evidence
  • Utilizing the PICO question framework
  • Understanding levels of evidence
  • Determining which study types are best suited to each question type
60 minutes
Effective Clinical Information Seeking
  • Selecting effective search terms based on the PICO question
  • Utilizing various information resources to find answers to clinical questions
  • Determining which resource(s) are best suited to the information need
60 minutes
Maintaining Academic Integrity in Your Writing
  • Plagiarism & Self-Plagiarism
  • Style Guides & citation best practices
  • Utilizing a reference management tool
45 minutes
Reference Management Tools
  • Why use a reference management tool?
  • Levy Library Options: Zotero & EndNote
  • Reference manager demo & lesson
30 minutes
Journal Selection and Submission
  • Overview of submission priorities such as impact factor
  • Journal selection tools: JANE & PubsHub
  • Open Access & predatory publishing
30 minutes
Conducting a Systematic Review 
  • Understanding the difference between a narrative review and a systematic review
  • Developing a research question
  • Drafting a protocol 
  • Tools to support the Systematic Review process
60 minutes

Review Types: Selecting the Right Review Methodology for Your Research Question

  • Introduction to popular review types, including literature/narrative, systematic, scoping, and integrative reviews
  • Tutorial on determining which review is most appropriate for your topic
  • Information on getting comprehensive review assistance from a Levy Librarian
60 minutes
Grey Literature: What It Is and How to Find It
  • Define & contextualize Grey Literature
  • Understand variety of GL available: Clinical Trials registrations, Government Documents, Guidelines, and more
  • The Inclusion of GL in published research: Why & how?
  • How to locate and identify relevant GL sources
30-45 minutes
Beyond PubMed: Searching Multiple Databases
  • Why go beyond PubMed?
  • Citation databases & Subject specific databases
  • Managing your results
60 minutes