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Circulation Services: Borrow

Levy Library Hours

Library Cards

Levy Library does not issue library cards. Instead, a bar coded strip is attached to the back of your Mount Sinai ID, and you present your ID when you charge out Library material.

To register for circulation privileges and obtain your Library bar code, please bring your Mount Sinai ID to the Service Desk, where Library staff will create an account for you.

Circulation Policy

Eligible library patrons are required to register at the Circulation Desk to receive library privileges. A valid Mount Sinai identification badge is required to register for privileges. A bar code will be attached to your ID and you must present your bar-coded ID to charge out any library material. Materials may be renewed twice, by telephone or in person, provided they have not been requested by other library patrons.

Borrowers are responsible for the prompt return of all materials charged out to them. Fines are charged for overdue materials and persistent failure to comply with Circulation policies will result in suspension of library privileges. 

Mount Sinai Health System Circulation Privileges

Mount Sinai Health System Circulation Privileges at Levy Library Policy

  • All members of the Mount Sinai Health System may sign up for a Levy Library account.
  • In order to sign up for a Levy Library account, users must visit the Levy Library in person and sign up for an account at the Levy Library Circulation Desk (Annenberg Building, 11th Floor).
  • Users must present valid Mount Sinai health system ID in order to sign up for a Levy Library account.
  • Users must provide proof of address (Driver’s License or government issued ID Card) and submit valid a telephone and email address.
  • All items borrowed from Levy Library must be returned to Levy Library by or before the item’s due date.
  • All users must adhere to Levy Library borrowing policies.
  • Residents and faculty from the Graduate Medical Education consortium (Elmhurst Hospital Center, James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Englewood Hospital, Queens Hospital Center) may obtain Levy Library borrowing privileges  here.
  • Users are requested to alert Levy Library if they leave the MSHS.
  • Members of the general public are not entitled to any circulation privileges. Access to view the print collection is limited to those who hold a Yellow METRO referral card from the METRO- affiliated institution. Please be advised that due to publisher agreements, Levy Library can no longer accept referral cards for items available in our electronic collection. For more information on METRO referral cards, please review our Access and Privileges page. 

Loan Periods

  • Circulating Book Collection : 14 days
  • Audiovisual Materials (except audio tapes): One day
  • Course Reservces: Three hours. Reserve materials may also circulate overnight from one hour before Circulation Services close. They are due back within one hour after Circulation Services open, usually on the following day.
  • Equipment (All equipment must be returned by the end of Circulation Hours)
    • Laptops: 4 hour loan (no exceptions)
    • Phone, Laptop and Tablet Chargers: 4 hour loan (no exceptions)
    • Adaptors, Cables, Extension Cords: 4 hour loan (renewable)
    • Presentation Accessories and Polycoms: 4 hour loan (renewable)

Returning Borrowed Materials

Please return borrowed items to the User Services Desk when Circulation Services are available.

When Circulation Services are unavailable, materials that are not on reserve may be deposited into a Levy Library book drop or book return box. A book drop is built into the right side of the Service Desk counter, and a Book Return box is located near the Annenberg escalator on the Lobby level.

Important: All reserve items must be returned to the to the User Services Desk when Circulation Services are available so that Library staff can immediately check them in and make them available to other patrons. Reserve materials should not be deposited into a book drop or book return box. Note that overdue fines for reserve materials are $0.50 cents for each hour that Circulation Services are available.

Fines and Fees

Levy Library charges overdue fines to encourage the prompt return of library materials and charges a fine for every calendar day an item is overdue.  An item is considered overdue if the borrower has not returned the item by the specified date. 

All borrowers responsible for any late, recalled, lost, damaged, and replacement fees that have accrued, including faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

If the overdue item is

late fee rate is…

but when the late fee reaches…

you’ll owe a maximum fee of

Circulating Book Collection

20¢ per day

$6.00 per item (30 days)

up to $200.00

Course Reserves

50¢ per hour

$36 per item (3 days)

up to $500.00

Recalled Materials

$1.00 per day

$10 per item (10 days)

up to $500.00

Laptops $10.00 per hour  up to $20.00 up to $2000.00

Laptop, smartphone, or tablet chargers

$1.00 per hour

$ 24 per item (24 hour)

up to $100.00

All other technology equipment $5.00 per day $25.00 per item (5 days) up to $500.00

Audio and video media

$2.00 per day

$20 per item (10 days)

up to $500.00

Damaged item(s)*

*not including laptops


up to $500.00

Damaged laptops  - - up to $2000.00



Levy Library will send a courtesy notice prior to the item due date suggesting that the borrower returns or renews the item(s). Up to 3 overdue notices reminding the borrower to return the overdue item(s) will be sent after the item (s) due date. All borrowers are still responsible for any fines and fees even if the courtesy or overdue notice was not read or received.

All borrowers who fail to respond to a recall notice, including faculty, must pay recall fees. Library privileges will be suspended until the recalled item is returned and the fee is paid.


Loss of Privileges

Borrowers are blocked from checking out, renewing, and requesting library materials or interlibrary loan materials if they have overdue materials and/or unpaid fines exceeding $10.00. Once all fees and fines have been paid, the block on the borrower’s account will be cleared and borrowing privileges will be restored.


Student, Resident, Fellow, and Staff Checkout Forms

In order for the library staff to sign off any checkout forms, all library items must be returned and all fees paid. If there is a dispute of any items or charges, the patron must submit a Fee Appeal Form before the checkout form can be signed.


Lost or Damaged Materials

An item is reported lost when the maximum fine has been reached. The borrower will be billed a lost item fee of $150 or the cost to purchase the item, whichever is more. A $25.00 processing fee will also be applied to each lost item.

If the item is returned before the library has replaced the item, the lost item fee will be removed,  however the borrower will still be responsible for any late fees have accumulated.

Borrowers also have the option to replace an item with the same edition or newer. The replacement copy must be in new or like-new condition and may not be from another library. A $25.00 processing fee will be applied for each item that has been replaced by the borrower. Levy Library reserves the right to refuse the item and the borrower will be responsible for all fees associated with this lost item.

Levy Library charges an item damage fee to cover the cost of repairing items that have incurred damage while on loan to the borrower. The fee varies on the severity of the damage.  If the item cannot be repaired, the borrower will be responsible for replacing the item or paying the replacement fees for the purchase of new item. Additional fees could be charged depending on the situation.  

The Library is unable to issue a refund when an item is returned after a replacement item has been purchased.


Fines and fees may be appealed under certain circumstances. If the borrower was unable to return an item(s) due to a medically related issue, the proper medical or other documentation is required. More information can be found on the Fee Appeal Form.

Note: Fines and fees will not be waived if the request is based on any of the following reasons:

  • Unaware of library policies. Library policies are available on the Library’s site;
  • Forgot due date or did not know there was a due date;
  • Did not receive a courtesy reminder or overdue notice;
  • Was not able to renew online;
  • Age of fine or fee;
  • Outdated information in your library account. It is the borrowers’ responsibility to keep their contact information up to date in “My Library Account” ;
  • Being outside of the hospital campus, out of town, on vacation,  or holiday;
  • On pre-planned medical leave;
  • Loaned book to someone else;
  • Returned book to wrong library;
  • Library materials were stolen or lost;
  • Did not report lost/stolen library card