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OA Discount List: Select Open Access Discounts or No-Cost Publishing for Mount Sinai Authors

Select Open Access Discounts or No-Cost Publishing for Mount Sinai Authors

The Levy Library has arranged discounts on the article processing charge (APC) for Mount Sinai authors who wish to publish in Open Access Journals from the following publishers.  To take advantage of the discount, you must identify yourself as a Mount Sinai author during the article submission process.  Please email if you have any questions.

Coming in 2024 publish open access at no cost to you through the Library’s agreements with ACM Digital Library and Company of Biologists. Ask us for more info!

Open Access Discounts Policy

Your Suggestions Welcome!

If you would like to see additional journals/publishers added to the open access discounts list, we welcome your suggestions! Email us your suggestions and we will see if we can arrange a discount for the Mount Sinai community. Please note our open access discount policy below.


Open Access Discount Policy

The Levy Library will attempt to arrange open access discounts for the Mount Sinai community for journals/publishers which meet the following conditions:

  1. Journals are fully open access (also known as "gold open access") - All articles in all issues of the journal must be open access. The Levy Library does not facilitate discounts in hybrid journals, i.e. journals which charge a subscription fee to access most journal content but allow users to pay for their specific article to be open access.
  2. Journal/Publisher offers a membership model - The membership model is one in which the library pays a flat fee that allows any member of the Mount Sinai community to receive a discount if their article is accepted. The Levy Library is not able to provide discounts for publishers that offer the a la carte model in which the library is billed some or all of the article processing charge (APC) each time an eligible researcher has a paper accepted, as this model is substantially more expensive and unpredictable from a budgetary standpoint.