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Academic Informatics and Technology

Instructional Technology Group: Instructional Design

ITG Team

Gale Justin, PhD
Director, Instructional Technology

Jill Gregory, MFA, CMI
Associate Director

Ni-ka Ford, MS
Academic Medical Illustrator

Carter Lim, BT
Instructional Technologist

Erik Popil, BA
Instructional Designer

Amy Zhong, MA, CMI
Instructional Designer

Please email to contact the ITG team.

To enhance learning experience and improve learning outcomes, our team helps to integrate technology into teaching and learning materials. We work with faculty to design and develop custom course content that promote learning for students. Educational modules offer students an engaging interactive experience when reviewing course content outside of class.

Hematology: Choose Your Own Adventure Project was for the Hematology course taught by Dr. Eileen Scigliano. Dr. Scigliano wanted to change and update the student lab exercises she runs every year. After the students read through a case about a patient, they must evaluate the patient to generate a diagnosis from a series of selectable items.The choices they select to run tests on a patient, can be correct or incorrect. Keeping these goals in mind, Erik Popil had figured out how we can approach this to get the results the Course Director wanted. His suggestion, was to use Blackboards standard features to create a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style learning environment. Dr. Scigliano was happy to see her vision come to life. A course evaluation was sent out to the students, many of them thought the interactive cases were fun, collaborative, effective, cool, refreshing, and a good learning experience.