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Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Key Information Resources: Home

Coronavirus 2019 (a.k.a. COVID-19, 2019 nCov)

Cross-sectional model of a coronavirus

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Note: The PlumX lists of Mount Sinai-authored COVID-19 publications linked in this guide are no longer being updated as of September 2021.

For assistance with finding Mount Sinai-authored COVID-19 publications, please contact

PubMed Article Search

Click here to launch a comprehensive PubMed search for articles related to the Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19.

Need help creating a targeted search strategy on a specific topic related to the pandemic?  Email us at to request a research consultation with a librarian.

Information from Public Health Authorities


PrePrints are early versions of research articles and reports that have not yet undergone peer review and been traditionally published. 

As peer-review can take many months PrePrints are a valuable source of very recent research. However, as these articles have not undergone peer-review they must be read and evaluated critically. 

MSHS COVID-19 Tableau Dashboard

Dashboard created and maintained by Vinay Gangireddy, Reporting Analyst, Mount Sinai Health System.