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AAMC Faculty Salary Report: Home

The AAMC Faculty Salary Report provides compensation information broken out in a variety of ways, such as by department/specialty, degree, and rank, as well as by a medical school’s private/public status and region of the country.

Older AAMC Faculty Salary Reports available at Levy Library (In Print)

About the AAMC Faculty Salary Report


The AAMC Faculty Salary Report provides updated compensation data from the FY 2023 survey of 153 accredited U.S. medical schools. This publication enables medical community leadership to make internal wage decisions, identify compensation trends, and develop strategic plans and budgets. 

The online version of the AAMC Faculty Salary Report contains three years of compensation data across many parameters including clinical specialty, degree, region, and private versus public schools. Data by gender was included in 2020 and earlier. The print version of the publication is no longer offered. 

Access to the AAMC Faculty Salary Report FY 2023 (Online)


The Library bought a single digital access account for the AAMC Faculty Salary Report FY 2023 in order to respond to Mount Sinai questions. Contact the Reference Desk with what you need from the salary report or request an online appointment to look at the report with the librarian. Please note that access to information in this report is restricted to Mount Sinai-affiliated users.  

The Levy Library still has print copies of previous reports, ending with the 2021 salary report. Print copies for 2020-2021 are on course reserve and may be checked out for a few hours. 

Please contact the library with any questions.