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Zotero @ Levy Library: Citing with Microsoft Word Plugin

Using the Zotero Word Plugin

Zotero allows you to automatically add citations and create bibliographies directly in your manuscript. Once you download Zotero and the Zotero Connector, Zotero will automatically connect to your word processor.

In Word, a Zotero tab will appear at the top of your document.

Screenshot showing Zotero tab in Word


The Zotero tab in Word contains several different components:

Add/Edit Citation - Allows you to insert a citation where your cursor is or edit an existing citation.

Add/Edit Bibliography - Allows you to inset a bibliography where your cursor is or edit an existing bibliography.

Document Preferences - Opens your document preferences window to edit your citation style.

Refresh - Updates all citations and bibliography to reflect any metadata changes made in your library.

Unlink Citations - Disconnects your citations and bibliography from your Zotero library, preventing any further automatic updates. Note: this action is irreversible.


Inserting In-Text Citations

When you're ready to insert a citation into your Word document, place your cursor where you want it inserted and click "Add/Edit Citation".

Screenshot pointing out how to add a citation in Word using Zotero

You will be prompted to choose your citation style. Select the citation style you wish to use and click OK.

Screenshot showing citation style selector in Zotero


A Zotero search bar will appear. Start typing the title or author name in the search bar to find a particular reference. Once the citation you wish to insert shows up in the dropdown, select it and click "enter" to insert the citation directly into your Word document.

Screenshot showing Zotero dialogue box used for inserting citations in Word


Inserting a Bibliography

You can insert your bibliography to the end of your document at any time. Place your cursor where you wish to insert your bibliography and click "Add/Edit Bibliography".

Screenshot showing how insert a bibliography into a Word document using Zotero

A bibliography will be created from the in-text citations that you previously inserted. If you continue to insert citations, the bibliography will automatically update to include them.

Screenshot showing how to insert a bibliography in Word using Zotero