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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: Send To: Clipboard, Email, Export

Using the Send To Menu

Send toJust to the right of your search results, use the drop down Send To menu to manage results. Select from the following options:

  • File: Save a text file of references to your computer.
  • Collections: Save citations permanently in your My NCBI account (register and log into My NCBI first).
  • Citation Manager: Export a text file of citations in a format that can be imported into EndNote or RefWorks.
  • Clipboard: Save one or more citations for up to eight hours while you conduct more searches.
  • E-mail: PubMed will email references to you.

The Clipboard: Your Pearl Safe

TipThe Clipboard is a temporary saving place - and a handy PubMed tool.  It allows you to save selected citations for up to 8 hours while you run additional searches. 

Send to the Clipboard if you will be running multiple searches and want to keep just a few results from each search to review later. The Clipbooard is especially useful if you are "pearl growing": building more searches based on related citations or the MeSH headings of a good citation. 

Once a citation has been added to the Clipboard:

  • A note appears below it in your search results: "Item in Clipboard." 

  • A link to the Clipboard appears in the right column, next to the Send to menu. 

  • A link to the Clipboard appears on the PubMed home page, under More Resources.

The maximum number of items that can be sent to the Clipboard is 500. If you Send to the Clipboard without using the checkboxes to select citations, PubMed will add all (up to 500 citations) of your search results to the Clipboard.