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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: The Search Builder: Video and Practice

Video: PubMed's Advanced Search Builder

2:27 minute tutorial from the NCBI YouTube channel.

Using the Search Builder

Field searching turns off Automatic Term Mapping and forces PubMed to search for your exact terms in the fields you specify.

The Search Builder, a tool on the Advanced Search screen, streamlines more complex field searches. Use its drop down menus to select from over 35 field qualifiers, e.g., institutional Affiliation, AuthorGrant Number, Journal,  Investigator, Title.

Try This

Scenario: You want to review the articles written by Dr. Ken Davis, President and CEO of The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Your PubMed search for Davis K retrieves over 2,500 articles.<

Open the Advanced Search screen by clicking the link below the PubMed query box.

  • Use the Search Builder pull-down menu to change from All Fields to Affiliation. Enter Mount Sinai.

  • Next, change the pull-down menu below from All Fields to Author

  • Start typing "Davis", and select Davis K from the autocomplete list that appears. ( Author, Journal and MeSH fields include an autocomplete feature.) 

  • Leave the default AND operator unchanged and Search. You should retrieve about 140 articles.