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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: My NCBI (with Videos)


My NCBI enables you to save citations and searches permanently, and to personalize PubMed (and other NCBI databases) to better manage your search results. 

  • Collections: Use the Send to drop down menu in PubMed to save citations to a My NCBI collection that you can return to later, download, email, or share with colleagues. Note: Place a check in the box next to any citations that you want to save. Otherwise, My NCBI will save all the results of your search, up to 5,000 citations.
  • Save Search: To save your search strategy or rerun a search in the future (to keep up with new articles on your research topic, for example), click the Save Search link below the PubMed query box on the search results page. Use the Saved Search Settings to have PubMed email you new results of your search daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Filters: Customize PubMed search results pages with Filters that you use often, e.g., "Core Clinical Journals" or "Published in the last 5 years". Filters selected in My NCBI even display on Related citations results pages.

    You can also create custom search filters that, for example, allow you to identify articles from a specific institution or in one or more journals.

  • My NCBI preferences includes storing and changing your e-mail address, highlighting search terms, opening the abstract display supplemental data by default, and turning off the auto suggest feature.
  • Maintain your publications list using My Bibliography for use in grant applications and progress reports
    •       Assign "delegate" status to others - Delegates can maintain Bibliography lists and use the NIHPA Compliance tool.
  • Use My Bibliography tools to maintain compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy

Click Sign In to NCBI, located at the top right of the page header, to sign into My NCBI or register for a free account.

Tip: Use the Search Builder to create a search for your "must read" journals. Example: Science[Journal] OR Nature[Journal] OR Cancer[Journal].


  • Save the search in My NCBI and have PubMed email you updates whenever new citations from the journals are entered into PubMed.
  • Create a customized search filter with these journals--your own core journal list like the Core Clinical Journals filter built into PubMed's sidebar filters.

Help with Using My NCBI

NCBI: My Bibliography

Use My Bibliography to save citations to publications you have authored.

My Bibliography enables NIH funded scientists link funding to thier citations and manage compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy.

Save Searches and Set Up Email Alerts

Two minute video from the NCBINLM YouTube Channel

Save Search Results in Collections, including Favorites

A three minute video from the NLMNCBI YouTube channel