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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: Summary

Summary: MeSH Search Module

Remember .....

A MeSH search is a subject search.

A MeSH search usually results in a smaller retrieval than a basic text word search. Selecting MeSH terms limits your search to MeSH fields.

bang for the buckConsider selecting MeSH terms if your search results are off topic or too large.

Subheadings attached to a MeSH heading in the MeSH database allow you to quickly focus on one aspect of a topic.

Consider restricting your MeSH search to Major Topics Only.

MeSH will not usually help you if you need to research a new or rare topic or the most recent articles on a topic.

If MeSH doesn't help with a search, do a basic search using ANDOR and parentheses.

Display results in abstract view to view the MeSH terms for each citation. Click any relevant terms to add to your search.