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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: 5. MeSH Search

MeSH Search vs. Basic Search

What is a MeSH Search — and why should you care about it since text word searching is usually so successful?

A MeSH search retrieves subjects, not words: When you search with a MeSH term, you restrict your search to MEDLINE citations indexed with that subject heading.

It's true that PubMed's basic search is fast, easy and often very successful. Automatic Term Mapping usually identifies the appropriate MeSH terms associated with your search concepts.  

However, restricting your search to selected medical subject headings (MeSH) can provide much needed focus and precision.

In this module, we'll review when it may be best to do a MeSH Search, and we'll go over using the MeSH Database as a tool to build a MeSH search and launch it in PubMed.