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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: Display Settings

Make Your Results Easier to Review

Located just above search results, are the display settings options which allow you to adjust the way search results are presented. Click on the down arrows to display the available options.

Summary: The default view is summary, but you can select the Abstract option to view not only abstracts but also any Levy Library full-text buttons as well as supplementary information such as Publication Types and MeSH headings.

Items per page: PubMed automatically displays your search results with 20 citations to a page. You can change that number to 5, 10, 50, 100, or 200.

Sort by: The default sort option is Most Recent, thereby displaying search results by the date they were added to the database.  The Sort by menu allows you to re-sort your results by best match, author, journal, article title or publication date.  Sort by best match can dramatically reduce the number of results you need to review in order to find relevant citation(s).

Tip: Re-sort Similar Article Search Results by Date

TipWhen you click the link to find Similar Articles for a useful article, your results appear in order of relevance ranked by how similar they are to the original reference.

Look at the first one or two pages of results that are most similar. Then, do a quick "resort"  of your results by Publication Date to see the most current related citations. This tactic can be especially useful for finding updated systematic reviews or guidelines.