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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: 2. Basic Search

Navigating the PubMed Home Page

The PubMed interface changes occasionally, but the following features are always available:

  • A database selection menu, where you can choose between PubMed and other NCBI databases (e.g., Nucleotide, BLAST and Genome). When using the PubMed link on the Levy Library homepage, PubMed is always selected by default.
  • A query box to type your search terms
  • A link to the Advanced Search screen
  • Links to tools and resources such as the MeSH database, Single Citation Matcher, Clinical Queries

Some of these features appear on all PubMed screens, while others only appear on the PubMed homepage.

Access PubMed Through Levy Library Links

You must enter PubMed by using Levy Library's unique URL to be able to connect directly from PubMed to the full-text of all the articles in Levy Library's licensed e-journal collection.

Normally, you will access PubMed from Levy Library's homepage, by selecting PubMed under Key Resources.

The links to PubMed in this tutorial all use the Levy Library's URL and open in a new window.

If you are off-campus, you will need to login with your Mount Sinai email username and password.