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PubMed Tutorial from The Levy Library: Goals & Instructions

Welcome to Levy Library's PubMed Tutorial

Welcome to Levy Library's in-depth PubMed/MEDLINE Tutorial.  The goals of the tutorial are to enable users to:

  1. Identify the coverage and content of PubMed and MEDLINE.
  2. Be familiar with three different methods for searching PubMed. 
  3. Utilize PubMed functionality to efficiently search and manage search results in PubMed.

Looking for a briefer introduction to PubMed? Check out the Quick Tours videos available on the PubMed Online Training page.


To start the tutorial, click on a page from the list on the left or from the drop down menus on the top.

You can go through the modules from start to finish, or jump to a specific section.

Practice Exercises: A light blue background will appear during the hands-on sections of the tutorial.

Open Levy Library's link to PubMed in a new window for the hands-on sections.

Although PubMed is a freely available database (i.e. one does not require a subscription to search), to be able to connect directly from PubMed to the full-text of all the articles in Levy Library's licensed e-journal collection, you must access PubMed via the Levy Library's unique URL, available via the Home and Databases pages on our website, or using the links available in this tutorial.

PubMed Tutorial

© 2004-2015, Gustave L. and Janet W. Levy Library of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Tutorial originally developed by Laura Schimming and Christina O'Grady. Revised and updated for the LibGuides platform by Pauline Beam and Judy Stribling, 2012 - 2013. Revised and maintained by Rachel Pinotti ( 2014 - present.